Photo of Zenbo Hidaka

Zenbo Hidaka

Visiting Researcher

Koyasan Sanbo-in Deputy Chief Priest / Koyasan Koso-in Chief Priest Hidaka Zenbo graduated University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law. During his PhD course, he established an IT startup to develop softwares. Later, he founded JapanStyle.Inc and conducted Japanese performing arts productions such as Tsugaru-jamisen and traditional Okinawa music performances in Central Asia, Middle East and Canada in association with Japan Foundation. In 2007, He was appointed for the committee member of Japan Luxury Travel Forum organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Currently, he serves as priest in Koyasan Koso-in and as deputy chief priest in Koyasan Sanbo-in as well as a board member of Local-Area Branding Association.

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