Photo of Mitsuhiro Takemura

Mitsuhiro Takemura

Principal Researcher

Mitsuhiro Takemura is a scholar of media aesthetics and Founder of Takemura-Juku. His professional experiences include Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design (Information Design); Founding Director of Research Center for Media Aesthetics; Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at The University of Tokyo (Media Environment Studies); Professor, Sapporo City University (School of Media Design); and he is a fellow of the Center for the Study of Digital Life (CSDL) in NY. His research includes the prize-winning book “The Future of Memory, Cultural Economy of Digital Archives” (published by University of Tokyo Press). His recent books include “Goodbye, the Internet – How Does GDPR Change the Net and Data” (Diamond Publishing), and “Berlin, City, Future” (Ohta Publishing). His new book is The Privacy Paradox: The Data Surveillance Society and the Reinvention of “I” (blkswn publishers Inc.). He currently lives in Berlin.

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