Photo of Kate McCall-Kiley

Kate McCall-Kiley

Visiting Researcher

Kate McCall-Kiley is a complex system enthusiast helping to execute on special projects at CCI. Outside of that, she is a co-founder and director at xD, an experimental data lab within the US federal government. She also is a co-founder of the Space Governance Collaborative at MIT Media Lab, prototyping governance futures. Her work aims to create new environments and mechanisms for behavior change while experimenting with different ways to productively challenge convention. Previously, Kate served the White House as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. She holds a Master’s in Design Leadership from Maryland Institute College of Art and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University; she also studied philosophy and psychology at The College of Wooster. In aspirational parallel lives, Kate would love to be a philosopher/ethicist, DJ, and participatory graffiti artist.

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