Multilingual Communication with Signers and Non-Signers

Webinar with Christine Sun Kim

Webinar with Christine Sun Kim "Multilingual Communication with Signers and Non-Signers"
Photo: Mark Abramson


In this webinar, we learnt about accessibility, creativity and neurodiversity from two experts: Joi Ito and Christine Sun Kim. Christine Sun Kim is a sound artist who communicates in sign language. They will share their insights on how to design for different needs, how to appreciate the culture and language of people who sign, and how to support cognitive diversity in society.


Christine Sun Kim

Website: https://christinesunkim.com/

Christine Sun Kim is an American artist based in Berlin. Kim's practice considers how sound operates in society, deconstructing the politics of sound and exploring how oral languages operate as social currency. Musical notation, written language, infographics, American Sign Language (ASL), the use of the body, and strategically deployed humor are all recurring elements in her practice. Working across drawing, performance, video and large scale murals, Kim explores her relationship to spoken languages, to her built and social environments, and to the world at large.

Joichi Ito

Director of the Center for Radical Transformation at the Chiba Institute of Technology


  • 18:00-18:15 Opening by Joichi Ito
  • 18:15-18:45 Presentation by Christine Sun Kim
  • 18:45-19:30 Discussion
  • 19:30-19:50 Q&A
  • 19:50-20:00 Closing


Monday, March 27, 2023, 18:00−20:00 JST
Location: Zoom Webinar
The session will be held in English with simultaneous Japanese translation and both ASL & JSL sign language interpretation.