Speaker Series

Eduardo Castello

“Gaka-chu: a self-employed autonomous robot artist”

Eduardo Castello “Gaka-chu: a self-employed autonomous robot artist”



"The physical autonomy of robots is well understood both theoretically and practically. By contrast, there is almost no research exploring their potential economic autonomy. In this paper, we present the first economically autonomous robot -- a robot able to produce marketable goods while having full control over the use of its generated income."

About Eduardo Castello

Researcher specialized in robotics. He has collaborated on international projects in Japan, Europe and the United States, with world-class academics such as Alex ('Sandy') Pentland and Hiroshi Ishiguro. Currently conducting research and participating in projects on robotics and blockchain technology.

Event agenda

  • ~ 05 min - Welcome and Introduction
  • ~ 45 min - Researcher presentation
  • ~ 30 min - Discussion with Joi
  • ~ 10 min - Q&A


Thursday 23rd June, 2022, 16:00-17:30 JST (9:00-10:30 CEST)
Location: Zoom Webinar
The session was held in English.